Augmented Reality: Introducing to the Gaming World

The game is actually worthy of its spot in the top ten list because of its fantastic storyline, where the protagonist has revealed an elaborate plot, that involves Gilman is the world’s largest private security contactor , is involved. The game also has stunning graphics that include all the small details about underwater movements and camera movements as the protagonist performs a action. The game offers a variety of missions. Sometimes, you are able to save some one, while at other times you’re taking down terrorists’ destructive plans. The game can be quite addictive, and you will not end until you’ve killed every terrorist you can find on the planet.

Another game that is on the list of the best FPS titles is Dead Trigger 2 which gives plenty of enjoyment to gamers who think that taking on zombies is the ultimate way to pass the time. A thrilling gameplay experience and amazing graphics will have you falling in love with the game. The plot is More than half of the world’s population is afflicted by an incurable illness and is making the world an unforgiving place for those who survived, however the battle for survival will go ongoing until the dead are actually dead.

The game provides you with a wide range of choices when picking a weapon of your choice, from the basic wrench to heavy guns that can be purchased at the completion of the mission using the money you earn through the mission. The guns can be purchased using real money, if you are unable to wait to take down zombies with big guns.

Another incredible First Person Shooting game whose stunning realistic graphics give you the impression that an actual predator is soaring at you. Contrary to the title of it, in this sport, you do not only hunt deer, but also the world’s most vicious creatures in areas that, it seems as if they have never been touched by a human before. The gun you are provided with is double barrel shotguns that can make killing animals more enjoyable.

Fields Of Battle is one the greatest strategy games I’ve played. It’s actually a painting shooting game that has a variety of guns and different locations.

You must be clever to get through the battlefield. You are eliminated with one shot, which requires the game a must to play with utmost 메이저놀이터. This game comes with a lean left/right feature in the corners. Skills in the field can be developed by playing in the practice mode. The game is more enjoyable when played with multiplayer, where you are able to create your own team with buddies. It is the console game.

Another game for people who are envious of zombies, and feel relived after eliminating the undead. The game features crisp graphics and precise reflections, shadows, and explosives. In contrast to other zombie-themed games, you don’t have the danger of being attacked by a zombie as the game is airborne. the AC-130 that is loaded with a 25mm Gatling gun and 40mm Bofors auto-cannon and 105mm Howitzer gun. The only thing you need to do is focus and kill the undead creatures.