Instant Messengers for Enterprises and Data Privacy

As corporate productivity increases globally and new tools are developed to improve performance and deliver on higher levels, instant messengers for workplace communication are slowly getting the attention they deserve.

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Instant messengers are also called office instant messengers or business messengers. They allow employees to communicate with one another individually and collectively. This communication takes place using text-based chat, much like Google’s GTalk or AOL Instant Messenger. However, there is one major difference. These instant messengers were created primarily for one-to-one and personal communication. Specially designed for businesses, instant messengers come with a variety of features and attributes that are specifically tailored to workplace communication.

  • Use login and password credentials to connect employees across all geographies
  • Files that contain large multimedia files or folders can be transferred
  • Connect directly to the Internet and function seamlessly without any LAN orWAN dependencies
  • Use the sticky note feature to send and receive small files and instructions in bite-sized pieces
  • Online conferences and meetings
  • You can check the status of your colleagues online and offline.
  • Supplement chat messages with emoticons and smileys
  • To preserve records and paper trails, create, distribute and archive chat transcripts
  • We have saved the best for last!

Workplace communication in a secure and encrypted environment

Enterprise instant messengers allow ELMESSENGER PRO REVIEW employees to communicate in an open and transparent manner with each other, regardless of their organization’s size. This is done using the same 256-bit SSL encryption that banks, brokerage houses, payment gateways, and insurance companies use to protect their data privacy. All workplace communications are encrypted in both directions during transit. They cannot be decoded even though intercepted. Corporate intelligence is therefore fully protected behind the corporate firewall.

Secure File Transfers

Files that are shared and transferred between employees are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. This is very similar to how attachments are sent across the enterprise. Both colleagues and employees can send and receive Excel spreadsheets, graphs, confidential employee performance report and multimedia files to each other without fear of data compromise or intrusion. Some messengers allow you to control access and permissions so admins cannot view or intercept data shared via secure file transfer protocols.

SSL Certificate Innovations

SSL certificate providers like VeriSign and Comodo are constantly innovating through technology acquisitions and research. These advancements are immediately reflected in the quality of SSL encryption delivered by these messengers, who depend, in part on these services to deliver SSL cryptology.