Modified Gangnam Style Parenting

Who would’ve believed that the unpleasant tune that millions are absurdly moving to has a profound and legitimate importance fit for nurturing? Actually no, not What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I’m discussing Gangnam Style!

The second most renowned Korean commitment to the world after Kimchi (not identified with Kim Jong-Il nor Kim Jong-Un), is apparently about Psy’s aversion towards individuals of Gangnam’s (an area in Seoul, South Korea) lavish way of life.

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Is it off-base to want material things? Will a lavish way of life promise you a spot in damnation?

I used to answer yes in addition to a jeer to the 강남오피 inquiries above years prior. I grew up reasoning that needing a great deal of material things is wicked and evil. It was profoundly pounded in my center. I detested, scorned, spat on realism despite the fact that I was vigorously into it. I fell into the snares of expenditure to satisfy my natural cravings culpably… without fail, constantly.

It took me over fifteen years to understand that needing a greater amount of whatever the universe can give me – regardless of whether genuine or fanciful – is really something worth being thankful for! The craving to have more isn’t awful; the follow up on how you procure them is. This has now turned into my thinking and reasoning, what I show my children – realism with some restraint.

I train them to be thankful first for whatever they have and anything that will come, yet in addition to never settle and procure beneficial things positively. I don’t put down their sensations of needing more things, better things, greater things, flashier things, everything.

Be that as it may, why?


Inspiration is a fundamental apparatus in our lives, paying little heed to age. It is additionally extremely abstract and different. Some are roused by a lone life some place in a wilderness, while others are inspired by a Richard Mille Tourbillon in Rose Gold. The reaction of inspiration is what is important. It causes us to finish things.

Propeller for Perseverance

The amazing impact of inspiration is diligence. Needing something, particularly of material nature, is the best propeller for persistence and difficult work.

Change of Habits

What’s more, on the grounds that our children will do everything necessary to get what they need, their propensities will change to accomplish that need. Same rule as when you pay off your children for passing marks or to fix their rooms. They will do that multitude of things and make a positive routine in the process to get them.

One Direction

Empowering your children to dream for additional things and ultimately get them will doubtlessly lead them to the correct bearing and make them stay there.

I couple the support with showing them the distinction between purchasing things to feel better over others (ex. post it on Facebook with the subtitle “I’m the ruler of the world!”) and purchasing things for individual satisfaction.

However long they don’t step on others in getting what they need, we’re cool. My occupation isn’t to hamper their longings for better things and better lives. My responsibility is to assist them with accomplishing those positively.