The Town of Bishop’s Stortford and Its Flavor For Hertfordshire County

Nestled close to the London Stansted airport is a smaller community parish of Bishop’s Stortford. It is a quaint conservative community that lays home for many of London’s workers in the financial and other districts. Its parish gives community to this town and yet is close enough to commute to London for many workers.

Located in the county of Hertfordshire the parish consists of six outer suburb areas. Because of the people who live there and their philosophy on political matters the town tends to be conservative on the majority. There are many who enjoy a peaceful living and raising their family out of the earshot of London yet close enough to still earn a living from there.

Bishop’s Stortford is known for being How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? on the road to Roman in ancient times until it was abandoned in the early fifteenth century. When it began to be repopulated it became a market town and gained its livelihood from the corn exchange markets and malting markets. This revenue brought the town back to life as it began populating again.

As it is a commuter town the civil parish boarders on the county of Essex and has a strong educational system in classic English philosophies. It also values the arts and has the lovely Rhodes Art Complex that facilitates live music and theater. They hold their own theater troupe that performs regularly.

The town has its characters that have passed through such as comedian Russell Brand who was expelled from Hockerhill College during his residency in Bishop’s Stratford. Matt Grant also called the town his home before his days on The Bachelor. The town is conservative yet has character, well at least characters, as well.

There are many shopping facilities to choose from here as it is a market town after all. Many pubs and restaurants are also available to sample. Whether you live in the town or are just passing through there is plenty of shopping and nightlife to entertain everyone.