Tips on How to Paint Melamine Cabinet Drawers and Doors

Concluding that you need to change the shade of your kitchen is never actually a simple thought, it takes a great deal of however and wanting to choose various factors like: What tone, where will I apply the aggravation, when? and so forth, What I will cover in this article is ‘the manner by which’ to approach repainting a Melamine Kitchen Unit. What tone, when and how could be generally dependent upon you.

Melamine Paint is an oil Based Paint that is re-inforced with Urethane. It very well may be applied to a huge number of various surface gets done with, going from however not selective to: Fiberglass, Glass, Laminates, Plastic and Acrylics and Ceramics.

Right off the bat, when you purchase the paints you will need to contemplate which kind of paint you need to go for, there are various sorts of item accessible in the UK, a portion of the more generally known

Melamine Paints are:

– Ronseal “One Coat Melamine and MDF Paint”

– Dulux “Realife Cupboard Paint”

– Cloverdale Paint “Kitchen and Bath Semi-Gloss Acrylic Latex Paint”


One thing that will have a major effect Kitchen units and doors ideas to the completed item is how long you spend setting up the units that you will paint. First of all, ensure your deck, set down dust sheets so that any residue or paint that might turn out to be flying with regards to won’t destroy the floor. Ensure the region is Well Ventilated, as a portion of these paints will have extremely amazing exhaust. Presently eliminate all the unit entryways and spot them some place you can paint the effectively, you’ll need to have the option to paint them when they are lying level in an even situation as this is the least demanding way of applying the paint. Presently before you do whatever else, eliminate all handles and handles and store them securely, except if you will supplant them. Presently utilizing the producers guidelines stir up some TSP or (Trisodium Phosphate) and clean down every one of the spaces that you’ll paint with it, let dry completely.

When dry sand the outer layer of the entryways and drawers with 80-100 coarseness sandpaper and eliminate the residue.

Apply the Primer:

What you should do next is apply one layer of groundwork and permit this to completely dry, ensure that you are utilizing a top notch item like Ronseal “One Coat Melamine and MDF Paint”, presently scrape the outer layer of the preliminary with sandpaper that is around 240 or better coarseness.

Painting the Melamine Cabinet:

Presently you are prepared to paint the unit with your Melamine paint, when you utilize a Melamine paint you will need to paint the entryways with slight coats utilizing long here and there brush strokes for an even completion, what you are focusing on is to have three dainty covers rather than a couple of consider coats paint. You’ll have to ensure that the paint is dry between coats so you might need to sit tight for as long as 15 hours for each coat to dry. A ton of paints take around a day to completely dry yet can require an additional couple of days to completely ‘set’, when the paint has set you will be OK to re-hang the entryways and connect handles and handles.

The writing is on the wall, your recently fitted, repainted Melamine entryways and drawers for your kitchen.