Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting your business up and running and trying to enhance your online presence or have been running a website for some time and don’t like it, you’ve probably seen or heard of WordPress and may be curious about the meaning behind WordPress is. Simply put, WordPress is a platform for publishing designed to create blogs and websites. It offers a completely customized user interface. WordPress is the foundation of millions of websites around the world and many major brands utilize WordPress: CNN, PlayStation The New York Times, People Magazine, and even FordThey all utilize WordPress! It’s a pretty impressive number of users. If it’s good enough for the big guys, it’s sufficient for your site. Are you still not convinced?? Here’s my take:

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress

Reason 1. WordPress will not go away.

It is an open source CMS (Content Management System) it has been a major hit in the world of CMS in August 2011, “14.7% of the top million websites in the world” are powered by WordPress. WordPress is frequently highly praised by web developers, designers and even users for its simplicity of use. This is one of the main reason why it is becoming so well-known, and the reason the growth of WordPress keeps growing at a rapid pace. I’m a sucker for statistics I’m going to share some more great ones: Two many years ago WordPress had been used by about 8.5 percent of the top million websites around the world. To increase from 8.5 percent to 14.7 percent in just one year is a testament to how well-known WordPress is becoming and how many people are awed by the platform! This is my personal favorite:

In August 2011 WordPress is the main reason behind 22 percent for all brand new websites. – Rao, Leena (19 August 2011). “WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U.S.”. TechCrunch

Reason 2. WordPress is not just for blogging anymore.

In the past, when someone mentioned WordPress was mentioned, everybody immediately considered blogging. Although it’s still the most effective solution for blogging but it has come quite far and is now a extensive content Management Suite used to power various kinds of sites, such as jobs boards, business websites as well as sites with classified ads, and more.

2. WordPress is cost-effective…its absolutely free!

It’s lots of money to create an individual CMS designed that can do the same things that WordPress does. So why not cut costs by using WordPress? It’s not necessary to create a new system because WordPress being available for free and adaptable. Similar to WordPress the plugins are typically also free. They are generally not just free, but open source too. That means, just like WordPress they can be edited the plugins if you want to.

Reason 3: WordPress is Flexible

One of the best things about WordPress is that, as I’ve mentioned previously the fact that it’s totally open source, which means that the code that powers WordPress is open to everyone. This means that anybody anywhere on earth can alter the code as needed and modify WordPress even further to meet the way they want it to be. It’s not always necessary however it does mean that all themes and plugins (templates) designed for the platform are open and free to download! Imagine a worldwide community of users working together to add new features and capabilities to WordPress and you’re not restricted by the ability to utilize specific developers or employees to develop customization.This implies that it’s a robust CMS system, ready to perform whatever you want to do. It’s also flexible and easy to alter. You can hireĀ WordPress Web Development company in Kolkata to have a nice site developed in WordPress.

4. WordPress is SEO-friendly

Search engines like Google like Google love WordPress because it is well-written code. If you’re trying to get started in search engine Optimization, WordPress is the best choice for your blog and/or website. As I’m talking about this updating relevant and fresh content on your site is simple using WordPress and is highly suggested as a part of an web-based marketing strategies because it informs the search engine that your website is active and functioning and thus increasing your site’s ranking and the likelihood of being discovered via natural search.

6. WordPress offers cheap Premium WordPress themes

Themes give WordPress its appearance, they are what connect to the CMS to the user. WordPress is extremely versatile and flexible. While there are some decent free themes, I’ve found that for $70 dollars, the premium themes are well worth the money. They require almost no modifications!