Vermiculite Attic Insulation and Its Effect on Real Estate Transactions

Vermiculite insulation has been used to fill loose attic and wall cavity insulation across North America since the early 1920s. Pure Vermiculite is not a risk to health. dangers to health, however Vermiculite extracted from the well-known Libby, Montana site has been found to contain some trace amounts that are Tremolite asbestos. For homeowners who have Vermiculite insulation source of the mineral naturally occurring is the main worry, but for the average buyer of a home the stigma that comes with Vermiculite’s presence Vermiculite impacts the entire real property transaction.

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Health Risks for Homeowners

The health risk associated when you own and live in the premises that has loose-fill Vermiculite insulation are generally thought of as being low because of the small exposure that a homeowner is exposed to the insulation. Around 60% of Vermiculite insulation used within North America is Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) because of the popularity and dominance in the market of some insulation companies in the United States until the beginning of the 1990’s. Although it’s not certain to contain asbestos, and there is no the results of tests to ascertain Vermiculite composition and composition, The asbestos insulation removal in Ottawa for Occupational Health and Safety declares it is “it can be reasonable to believe that it could be affected by asbestos.” The risks that are known to be of exposure to asbestos-containing Vermiculite include: Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer. The risk is elevated when exposed, so the following steps should be taken to avoid destruction of the insulation made from Vermiculite that can lead to asbestos fibres being able to be airborne

1. Cover all gaps and cracks in ceilings, to prevent air-changes between the living space.

2. Do not put items within the attic.

3. Reduce the openings of attic hatches.

4. Don’t take off the insulation by yourself.

5. Inform all contractors that vermiculite insulation which could contain asbestos, and only use contractors that are certified to deal with and handle asbestos.

Vermiculite and Real Estate Transactions

The real-world consequences of purchasing or owning the property which contains Vermiculite is that there is a danger of exposure to asbestos-containing material and financial responsibility that comes by the owner of the property affected. It is essential that Vermiculite can be tested in order to identify whether it contains asbestos. There are a 60 percent probability that it’s an asbestos-containing material (ACM) There are laws in certain areas to determine the presence of asbestos to inform contractors of the potential danger. The costs associated with Vermiculite testing vary based on the location of the test, but it is essential to remember the followingpoints:

1. The collection of samples and the integrity of the samples is a crucial issue for accuracy of results. The testing methodology requires specific steps that must be followed to obtain an authentic sample of homogeneous material. Don’t trust the accuracy of testing to home inspectors or even your best efforts. Poor sampling methods result in flawed and inconclusive results. There is a significant risk for the homeowner selling (or remodeling) homeowner who provides inaccurate negative results that affect the contractor or end-user. Employ a professional to test.

2. Because of the physical structure in asbestos fibres as well as Vermiculite the it is possible that the asbestos distribution within Vermiculite is not uniform and the fibres settle as time passes. For accurate testing, it is necessary to collect of several samples from various places within the insulation.

Vermiculite can be a negotiation factor. Buyers of homes which contain Vermiculite are expecting a discount due to the expense of the removal of asbestos that contains Vermiculite. It is recommended that a professional gather viable samples and analyze them at an accredited testing lab can provide the seller with the data necessary to determine if the abatement done prior to listing is beneficial or necessary in any way.