Wireless Home Theater System – Two Cutting Edge Systems

This explains the system in its simplest form. Many people choose to add a projector and at least three to five speakers. They pick out very comfortable seating, put up movie posters and purchase a popcorn maker and vending machines to really do it up right. Some people prefer to purchase all their components separately while others prefer to purchase a wireless home theater system in a box.

A home theater system in a box is a package deal that typically includes a home theater receiver, and a six or eight piece surround sound speaker system and most include a subwoofer for producing the deepest bass. Depending on what model you choose, some will include an integrated Blu-Ray Disc / up converting How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? DVD player or a DVD player that can play both movies and music CDs. You will still, of course, need a television and/or a projector. Many people feel that Sony, Samsung and Panasonic make very good wireless home theater systems in a box.

Sony Bravia DAV-HDX576WF
This home theater in a box combines cutting edge wireless technology with the excitement of home theater. It includes five speakers and a subwoofer that give you great surround sound with movies, TV shows and music. It is powered by a receiver with a built in five disc DVD/CD changer. This system also features an iPod dock and a wireless rear speaker kit. There are optional modules that allow you to cover up to three additional rooms. The amplifier features a headphone output so if you have small children in the house or there is anyone else in the house that you do not want to disturb, you can listen to both music and movies in private. The set up is easy and the price is reasonable at approximately four hundred dollars.

Panasonic SC-PT960
This wireless home theater system in a box is very similar to the Sony. It has a full complement of surround sound speakers and a built in DVD player. The center speaker features a rigid bamboo material that gives off a pure, clean sound. The up converted signals give you vivid, sharp and very detailed high resolution images. There is also the option to expand your music listening to three different rooms with the wireless multi-room speaker kit. This system is priced at approximately four hundred dollars.